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Merchants & Wholesaler Stock Management

Seamless Updating of Website Stock and Inventory

Succeed in the Ecommerce World

As a successful large-scale merchant and wholesaler, your operation requires a reliable and organised system to keep track of stock and effectively manage your inventory, supply chain and distribution.

At Pivotal Web Solutions, we understand that you need a robust online infrastructure to sell your products and reflect the integrity of the physical system you have from your base of operations — and that’s exactly what we deliver.

Intelligent Inventory Management & Smarter Sales

With Pivotal Web Solutions’s smart cloud connector system, your mobile-friendly online shop syncs perfectly with your business’s inventory system. So, when an item becomes unavailable as a customer buys the last one in stock, your records are automatically updated and vice versa.

The powerful connection between your website and internal systems allows for invoices and purchase receipts to be seamlessly and automatically generated.

Companies who utilised cloud-based integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platforms experienced increased accounting staff productivity, whilst inventory costs were reduced by 20-30% and fulfilment rates and back orders improved by 75-85%, according to research by SL Associates.

We ensure the connectivity between your online and offline platforms guarantees that you save valuable time, money and resources so you can improve your customer satisfaction levels and increase sales.

Better Customer Experience

Logical product categories, intuitive menus, helpful search options and smart filters help customers find what they want when they want on your connected website. Happy customers are more likely to hit the ‘buy now’ button!

If you’re a merchant or wholesaler looking to sell professionally online and improve your online stock management process, contact us for a free, no-hassle consultation to discuss your enhanced inventory management and ecommerce website today.

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