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School and Education Websites

Seamless Integration with Virtual Learning Environments

82% of teachers reported that students want to use tablets in the classroom, whilst another study revealed that 43% of teachers already permit iPads usage in classroom settings. Not only should school and educational websites cater for mobile devices but Ofsted has also recently begun imposing legal website requirements for different types of schools.

A school website needs to do a lot of different jobs and cater for many different groups of people. It needs to be informative for parents of prospective students and functional for teachers, whilst simultaneously being fun and engaging for students who use it as a powerful learning tool.

Pivotal Web Solutions have the knowledge and skills to ensure your educational or school website works effectively on multiple levels, with clean simple web design, links to outside learning platforms and features to make learning a rewarding and enjoyable experience for people of all ages.

Universal Educational Potential

Being mobile-responsive and compliant with the law, our contemporary and practical educational websites and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) facilitate dynamic and modern learning for curious minds of all abilities.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Websites
    With the next generation always driving us to new advances in technology, it’s no wonder they expect mobile-responsive up-to-date websites to complement their learning. Our websites smartly adapt to any screen-size they are viewed on, whether that be a mobile, tablet, PC or laptop.
  2. Ofsted Compliant
    All our websites are well-researched and, when it comes to schools and educational establishments, we ensure your website and its content steps up to the legal mark, including details about your curriculum, equality objectives, admissions and all the other necessary information.
  3. Separate & Secure Student & Teacher Logins
    To help cater for the different roles an educational or school website must play, we can create unlimited safe student and teacher login areas for students to access educational resources and for teachers to issue marks, feedback and more.
  4. Multimedia Resources for Inclusive Accessibly
    About 8.5% of the population has a disability that affects computer use. Interactive PowerPoints, audio transcripts of lessons, fun and factual infographics and videos can be uploaded to our websites to cater for Kinetic, Audio and Visual learners as well as those with hearing and visual impairments and learning difficulties.
  5. Web Design that Captures the Spirit of Your School
    From compelling professional school photography to a design that conveys your school’s brand and ethos, our website design incorporates your school’s logo and personality, while actively encouraging parents and students to engage with your organisation by linking to your social media.

If the above features are not quite what you were looking for your educational establishment’s VLE or online learning environment, we can investigate other solutions to meet your unique requirements!

Seamlessly Edit Your Own Content

Teachers and course providers are busy people and educational organisations constantly have news to share. To make your life easier, with a little training from us, you can soon quickly and easily upload and publish new images and content and tweak existing text on your website.

If you’re a school, college, university or simply looking to educate people online, contact us for a free, no-hassle consultation to discuss your new and improved website today.

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