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Health and Beauty Websites

Your Business’ Online Health is Important Too

An estimated 1.7 billion people will have a minimum of one health app installed on their smartphones by the end of 2017. Meanwhile, popular gyms such as PureGym immediately personalise their new customer’s experience from the moment they sign up online.

As a business in the health and beauty industry, you will know that direct customer service underpins everything that you do. Often promoted via recommendations, we can ensure your health or beauty business’ strong trend towards first-class customer service is clearly conveyed on your website.

Our skilled Web Developers & Designers are experienced in creating health and beauty websites that motivate website visitors to download and install your fitness app, book an appointment with you or sign-up to your fitness classes.

Showcase Your Success Online

Whether you’re a hairdresser, beautician, or fitness instructor your services often impact and benefit clients immediately. We ensure the difference you make to your current clients is proudly displayed to online visitors, helping to convince them to invest in your health or beauty services.

  1. Customer Praise
    With many attractive options available to display your client testimonials, accreditations and qualifications, we can really highlight your client recommendations of your services, providing strong, third-party promotion that appeals to new customers.
  2. Online Calendars
    We can let your website visitors know what exercise classes or services are on when with convenient and easy-to-follow online events calendars.
  3. Professional Photos
    When it comes to health and beauty treatments, a picture really does say a thousand words. Well-positioned product and service photos, such as before-and-after images, are given pride of place on all our health and beauty websites.
  4. Enjoyable User Experience
    If you offer a range of services we will separate them into accessible pages through an intuitive navigation menu. Simple and effective online forms make it easier for your customers to book treatments or classes too, whilst secure membership login areas can personalise visitors’ experiences on your website.
  5. CRM Website Integration
    We can ensure your CRM system syncs with your website so data imputed into online forms by website visitors seamlessly populates your system. Automatic emails could then be sent to clients to thank them for signing up to your fitness class or congratulating them on achieving their personal fitness goals, just as PureGym does.

If these features of our health and beauty websites are not quite what you had in mind, we can investigate and research other solutions to meet your bespoke requirements!

Easily Take Control of Your Website

All WordPress websites developed by Pivotal Web Solutions are mobile responsive. This means that they look amazing on phones, tablets and computers — so your customers can effortlessly book appointments whilst on-the-go on whatever device they have to hand.

The beauty of WordPress websites is that, with just a little training from us and your own secure login details, you can update your website whenever you have a new fitness class or event coming up.

Your clients are always on a journey and they are bound to go online to make a booking with you. We ensure that no matter what device they use to access your website, their digital journey from website visitor to signed-up client is an exciting, easy and enjoyable one.

If you’re a business in the health and beauty industry, contact us for a free, no-hassle consultation to discuss your new and improved website today.

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