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Business Consultancy Websites

Take Your Webinars & Online Business Coaching to The Next Level

If you’re a business consultant, coach, mentor, or offer any type of business training or service, you will know the importance of having a website. You’ll probably regularly remind your clients how important having a top-notch website is. But do you dedicate much attention to your own website?

It can be easy to neglect your own website, especially if you’re a business coach or consultant who is so focused on everyone else. Don’t worry, Pivotal Web Solutions have you covered.

Having worked with many business consultants and coaches, we know what business website design works and what doesn’t and can propel your new website to refreshing levels of success.

70% of learners view learning content via mobile devices, while there is a growing trend towards using video in online courses with video accounting for 80% of internet traffic by 2019 according to eLearning Industry.

Reflecting Your Brand’s Personality with Business Website Design

When investing in a business consultant or coach, your clients don’t buy your services. They buy you, the person or your team. Through innovative website design, we ensure that your website reflects your personality or that of your team.

  1. Personal Logins for Your Online Courses
    We allow you to provide eLearning courses on your website, creating personal and secure login areas within your website for each of your clients, making their eLearning experience a personal one, tailored specifically to them and their goals.
  2. Engaging Videos
    Webinars allow you to be in front of interested prospects for up to an hour, creating plenty of opportunities to convert them from leads to clients, while many people now prefer video eLearning. We facilitate the uploading of your business consultancy training videos and webinars.
  3. Blogs & Downloadable Resources
    Blog and news sections are available and are great spaces for professionals like yourself to share all the tips and pearls of wisdom you have gained. You can also publish downloadable educational resources and PDFs on your website, which can be password protected if necessary.
  4. Online Calendars & Booking Forms
    Events calendars and integrated online booking tools can make it easy for your website visitors to see when your next workshop is, whilst easy-to-understand, quick and simple online contact forms can make it effortless for clients to sign up to them.
  5. Customer Referrals & Recommendations
    We maximise our creative flair to devise dynamic and eye-catching ways to display your testimonials and accreditations, further encouraging people to sign up to your business training services.

If these features are not quite what you’re looking for, we can research alternative solutions to meet your needs!

Power to Upload Your Own Content to Your Mobile-Ready Website

All the WordPress websites we develop are clean and modern, flexibly adapting to whatever device they are viewed on, whether that be a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

The beauty of WordPress is that, with just a simple login and a little training from us, you can go ahead and upload and edit your own website content without having to be a technical whizz.

Perhaps your business consultancy company targets businesses located abroad or offers services that apply to a range of industries?

During our business website design process, we can strategically organise your services to have a ‘country’, ‘sector’ or other themed focus, categorising them accordingly in easy-to-navigate menus making for seamless user experience for your website visitors.

If you’re a company that provides business services, contact us for a free, no-hassle consultation to discuss your new and improved website today.

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