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Cloud-Based Email

Reliable Email synchronised to all your devices

Support Management. High Stability. Cost-effective. Less Cyber Attacks and Spam.

Robust, Efficient and Secure Email

cloud emailCompanies of all trades and in all industries now depend on having a robust, efficient and secure email service to facilitate that all-important communication between departments, team and employees. We bet your business is no different.

Here at Pivotal Web Solutions, we can help you find and access your very own world-class digital infrastructure and optimise your use of Cloud-Based Email, ensuring your business runs as efficiently and flexibly as possible wherever you are while you focus on what you do best.

Previously the traditional option was an in-house server-based email, the solution being to buy a server and upload a programme like Microsoft Exchange to it. However, the last few years have seen the dawn — and now the domination — of Cloud-Based Email.

Ability to Work Remotely

With more modern small to medium sized companies breaking the old 9-5 mould and office model and their employees enjoying flexible working policies, Cloud Email has never been more important. It is the ideal solution for allowing forward-thinking businesses to work freely and conveniently from anywhere whilst employees retain access to their secure company email accounts whether they’re working on the go, remotely from home or at a client’s base of operations.

Seamless Synchronisation Across Devices

The syncing capabilities of our Cloud Based mailboxes allow seamless synchronisation. Basically, if you fire off a quick email from your phone, your mobile device automatically ‘talks’ to your mailbox on your laptop and reflects the update there in your ‘sent’ box so all devices are always on the same wavelength.

Our Cloud Email Packages

All our email packages provide you with integrated online calendars, online text documents, spreadsheets and slides and professional looking business email addresses so you give the right impression to all your contacts. You and your business can benefit from either our Standard Package with 30GB of online storage for filing, syncing and sharing for just £5 per user per month, or our Premium Package with unlimited storage for only £8 per user per month.

To upgrade your business email system to a Cloud-Based Email, contact us today.

Why Cloud Email?

  1. Save Money. Save Time. Save The Stress.

    Without the hardware costs associated with traditional server-based email, Cloud-Based Email is cost-effective whilst being smooth and simple to set up, easing the burden on your IT staff.

  2. Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.

    Your employees will appreciate being able to work from anywhere, whether from home or on the go. You can even send and receive all your important emails from desktop and mobile devices when you’re soaking up the sun abroad.

  3. Confidence and Convenience

    The mailboxes we use have a user-friendly easy-to-navigate interface and ensure that you receive less spam and that your company’s systems enjoy less downtime.

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