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Better SEO Search Engine Optimisation for higher ranking websites

A stunning design is just the start: it won’t produce the desired effect if your customers can’t find you. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a fundamental part of your website’s success, and our SEO services will help.

What is SEO?

SEO yorkshire servicesSEO, which stands for Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the position that a website appears in the “organic” search engine results page (SERPs) returned by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search engine optimisation involves using a number of marketing techniques to improve a website’s search engine rankings and visibility, driving more organic traffic. By connecting your business directly with consumers – right at the time when they are actively searching for your products and services, you can expect to improve conversions, increase leads, and turn more traffic into dedicated customers.

It is a well publicised fact that 80% of Google users don’t click past page one, and 33% of Google users click first the result in the organic search results. This means the higher up in the results you appear, the more website traffic you’ll receive.

Search engines use many different techniques when ranking a website in its search engine results pages. One of the big factors are keywords. Keywords should be a main pillar in any good strategic SEO campaign. They appear in:

  • The coding of each page e.g title tags, meta tags, image tags.
  • Content strategy (Building and optimising good quality, interesting and branded content)
  • Link earning (Building brand awareness to earn or build valuable links)
  • Social media strategy
  • And many more…

A robust and well-built SEO strategy is one of the best marketing investments you can make and can save businesses money in marketing and advertising costs.

Why you need an SEO expert

Many companies promise to get your website ranking on the first page of Google within a week. And yes if we focussed solely on irrelevant keywords, we’d promise that too. But that would be a waste of your money, and our time. We’re only interested in achieving higher rankings for keywords that matter to your business products and services, and that’s whole new ball game.

Thankfully long gone are the days when a huge amount of links to your website was enough to move it to the top of Google search. Now it takes a much more measured and strategic approach.

Every business; yours, ours, your competitors, rely on new customers to drive growth. SEO campaigns are one of the most cost-effective ways to increase online visibility, and therefore, increasing leads, conversions and potential new customers.

Whether you are planning your first or tenth SEO campaign, there are many reasons you should work with a professional SEO company.

  • It’s a fast moving industry. Luckily we’ve always got our fingers on the button ready to make the next change. Competitors improve their strategy, Google change their algorythm, and online behaviours and trends evolve.
  • If you’re in a crowded industry, competition for keywords and rankings maybe high, and as a result it could take your website a long time to rank for certain keywords. We are experts in keyword research. We build a robust and bespoke keyword strategy that works for your business.
  • Choosing the wrong keywords is often the reason an SEO campaign fails.
  • Search engines penalise for black hat tactics. There are many rules and guidelines we must follow when carrying out an SEO campaign. “Keyword spamming” is a big one – stuffing too many keywords into your content is a big no-no and one that Google takes seriously. We make sure everything is within the rules.
  • Natural link earning, previously known as link building, is very important but difficult, time consuming and requires a high level of knowledge and experience. We have that knowledge and experience.
  • Search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing, continuously make changes. One day a link pointing at your website might be helpful, next day it could be potentially damaging. We’re good identifying why rankings might fall. Bad or manipulated links often cause keyword rankings to decrease – and sometimes for extended periods of time.

We love a challenge. We wouldn’t be SEO experts if we didn’t. To overcome these challenges you need a trusted, knowledgeable and professional SEO company that can take hold of the reigns and deliver you results that make a difference to your business.

Why Invest in SEO for Your Business?

There are many aspects that contribute to whether search engines like Google favour your website in search results:

  • Optimum download speed
  • Responsive design across all devices
  • Smart linking blueprints
  • Fresh images and original content updated regularly
  • Well-researched keywords popular within your target market

How Our SEO Services Work

  1. A consultation to find out what keywords you want to rank for
  2. In-depth keyword research
  3. Website optimisation according to the agreed set of keywords
  4. Boosted rankings and increased visibility
  5. Detailed progress reports outlining, analysing and interpreting your growth

SEO is a long-term strategy. You may experience an initial spike in ranking due to increased activity, but you need to maintain this visibility. To do so, your SEO needs to be nurtured over time, which requires a consistent and committed approach.

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Let us design and deliver a custom SEO package for your unique business needs.

Why Pivotal Web Solutions?

  • Our Commitment

    Trust us! We’ve been researching, learning and developing our SEO skills for a long time.
    Here at Pivotal SEO we go out of our way to make sure we understand you, your business, your customers, and your brief. Nobody knows your business like you do, and we work closely with you to determine a workable search engine optimisation strategy that works for you. Our belief is simple, if our customers are successful, then we will be successful.

  • We keep you in the loop

    You’ll receive monthly reports to show your website rankings and analytics.
    Some SEO companies may expect you to hand them lots of money with no clear idea of what it has and will achieve. Here at Pivotal Web Solutions we produce detailed reports showing exactly what has been achieved and what we intend to do next. There’s no hiding place for us, and we don’t want there to be. We take great pride in our achievements.

  • More traffic, more sales

    Simple as that. Using the latest techniques, we’ll also optimise your website and increase its visibility.
    We know that SEO isn’t a shortcut to success. It’s an never ending process which depends on long-term strategy and the willingness to make changes. We work hard to make Search Engine Optimisation work for you. Our goal is to bring you higher search engine ranking positions and good quality visitors to your website, and if they are irrelevant to your business they are, we won’t be focusing on them.

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