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Jordan Hatfield, Digital Marketing Intern

A Jordan Like No Other

Meet Jordan — but this isn’t just any Jordan. This Jordan is a Psychology graduate from the University of Manchester, already making his mark in the world of Digital Marketing with his internship here at Pivotal Marketing. Armed with a keen eye for grammar and detail, Jordan knows what looks good and what doesn’t, what’s hot […]


WordPress Gutenberg – The Marmite Ratings

Pivotal owner and lead developer, Phil, shares his views on Gutenberg, the latest WordPress plugin I’m sure all fellow WordPress lovers will have heard the news about the impending integration of the Gutenberg plugin to the future release of WordPress Version 5. Gutenberg is a page builder that allows users to manage their WordPress websites with […]

Overgate Hospice Charity Walk

These boot are made for a charity walk

We are ditching our warm comfy beds and donning our thick socks and walking boots to join Overgate Hospice on a midnight charity walk. On Saturday 8th September, Overgate Hospice’s annual 13-mile walk will take place. Inviting people of all ages to join the midnight fun, the route is being kept a secret until the big […]

Taylia Tingle, Junior Developer, apprentice

Meet our apprentice turned coding superstar!

Tingle, Taylia Tingle is her name and she arrives at Pivotal HQ in Brighouse every morning bright-eyed and with extra sass ready to take on the world of digital marketing and coding for beginners. Taylia joined Pivotal Marketing in January 2018 as a digital marketing apprentice from Estio training, one of the UK’s leading providers […]

Brighouse Central Foodbank

Food for thought with Brighouse Central Foodbank

Demand rises during summer Thirteen million people live below the poverty line in the UK, with individuals going hungry every day.  Low income, benefit delays and receiving an unexpected bill are just a few reasons contributing to the crisis. Many people find it difficult to cope with the everyday demands facing them and foodbanks like the Brighouse Central […]

Heather Otway, Pivotal, New member, Marketing

Pivotal welcomes new team member Heather Otway

We’re expanding our team of talented marketing creatives here at Pivotal Marketing and are pleased to announce our new member, Heather Otway. Joining our award-winning team, Heather takes on the new position of Marketing and Project Manager. Heather has 10 years’ experience in marketing and a wealth of business-to-business knowledge from working across the fashion, […]

social media, digital marketing trends for 2019

5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Believe it or not we are already half way through 2018! If you’re wondering what next year has in store for digital marketing, we have 5 predictions for Digital Marketing trends in 2019! Internet vs. Television According to a research from Social Report, it’s thought that the internet will catch up to television in 2019 […]

Social Media, Twitter, Facebook

5 Pros & Cons of Businesses Having Social Media in 2018

If you’re anything like us at Pivotal and you like a cheap pint or good grub that’s value for money you would have heard of the nationwide pub chain JD Wetherspoons. This week they made headlines when they announced they were breaking away from business marketing norm and deleting their social media accounts across their […]

Can a marketing strategy really work?

Can a marketing strategy work for small businesses? 247GT say YES!! ‘Marketing Campaigns’, ‘Digital Strategies’, … this may seem like business speak for the larger blue chip companies, but actually they are not. Even the smallest company can take advantage of a simple and effective marketing plan or strategy. Most companies, however large or small, […]

Facebook App Permissions

How to stop third-party apps from collecting your personal details and data from Facebook. There has been recent news of Cambridge Analytica misusing the data of around 50 million Facebook users. Facebook has been allowing third-party apps access to your private and personal data, as well as your family and friends.   Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s […]

Facebook, Social Media. Changes, Algorithms

Algorithm Changes on Facebook

Commenting, Sharing and Reacting: Algorithm Changes on Facebook Over the past few weeks there has been lots of announcements in regards to changing the news feed  Family and friends’ posts are pushed higher in relation to posts from businesses and companies selling themselves, products and services.     There has been all sorts of changes […]

It’s Chriiiiiistmaaaaas!

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here’s to 2018! Our team will be on a short break to celebrate the holidays from the 22nd December to the 2nd January. If you need to reach support, don’t worry—drop us an email at and we’ll get […]

Twitter, social media

Twitter’s Expansion To 280 Character Tweets- Yay or Nay?

The days and the wait for Christmas may be getting shorter but Tweets are getting longer! This week the fast-pace micro-blogging social media platform increased its short and snappy Tweet length from 140 characters to 280 characters – and we reckon it was a wise decision. The move to extend the character limit on Tweets […]

Karys Passes Google’s Squared Online Course!

You know it, I know it, we know it. If you work in any form of online marketing or even traditional marketing for that matter, you know techniques and ways of promoting a business and reaching the right people at the right time are always changing. With the rise in ubiquitous smartphones and the soaring […]

What are the Web Design Trends for 2017?

The web is a rapidly evolving space. Technologies and development techniques can appear quickly. Ever improving tools allow for greater freedom when designing interfaces and interactions. And because of this, web design patterns and techniques can begin to trend within a short period of time. Below is a list of web design trends to keep […]

How Virtual Assistants like Siri and Google will impact your SEO

The Rise of the Virtual Assistants There’s been quite a noise over the last couple of years with regard to the kinds of virtual assistants that are slowly but surely taking over. If you’re one of hundreds of millions of iPhone users, you’ll know yours as Siri. If you’re part of the Google crowd, it’s […]

Is Virtual Reality the future of Social Media?

Social Media – VR crossover Back in 2014, Facebook bought the most famous virtual reality company in the world- Oculus VR for $2million. And at Facebook’s most recent F8 conference for developers, the company’s executives talked about the concept for “social VR”, in which Facebook would help users have social experiences within virtual worlds. By […]

How effective is Social Media?

There are certain companies that are so successful you only need to hear the beginning of a jingle, a graphic or even a colour for their name to come to mind. Christmas is synonymous with Coca-Cola, Meerkats conjure up the compare the market ads and just the colour blue makes me think of Facebook. So […]

Is Your Business Missing Out?

For most of us, the internet, social media and online shopping are ingrained into our day-to-day lives. We surf the net before work, scroll through social media on our lunch breaks and browse products online before bed. In short, we can’t imagine out life without them. But recent research reveals small businesses are having a […]

5 Tips for Better Facebook Live Broadcasts

Thinking of going live on Facebook? Wondering how to get the most out of your Facebook Live broadcast? With Facebook Live, you can show your expertise in real time, take people behind the scenes, and much more. In this post, you’ll discover five tips to succeed with your next Facebook Live broadcast. 1.   Promote Before You […]

Why you MUST have a Mobile Friendly Website:

“Do I need a mobile friendly website?” Have you asked yourself this question recently? Smartphones and other mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred method of Internet access; if you haven’t already got a mobile website, you need to get one soon. Why? Because your customers are increasingly going mobile. Mobile Online Shopping Time Now […]

Should You Go On A WordPress Training Course?

Well, it depends on two things: 1)     Do you want to be able to manage the content and layout of your website yourself? 2)     Would you prefer a professional to do it for you? If you answered yes to number 2, then that’s an easy fix. Email me at and we’ll sort you out with a […]

A Semi-Advanced Guide to Speeding Up Your WordPress Website

How’s that for a catchy title?! This is a semi-advanced guide so you will need some knowledge of the back-end of WordPress and will require FTP access so if you’re unsure, get in touch using the comments at the bottom or send me a private message & I’ll talk you through the bits you don’t […]

Beginners guide to WordPress Security

As hacking becomes more commonplace, it is becoming more and more important to increase security on your own website to protect your own personal details and your website. Security is not just about strong passwords. There are lots of things you can do to help keep your WordPress website secure. Here are some tips on […]

Ten Tips to Harden Your WordPress Site

In June, I attended WordCamp Vienna (which is a huge conference that focuses on everything WordPress – not just an excuse for a holiday!). It’s a fantastic conference for everyone from the casual WordPress user to core developers. I learnt lots of new things, some of which I hope to share through our blog at […]

A new way to get a cost-effective website for your business!

Does the thought of trying to build your own website with some online companies – not naming any names – fill you with dread? We’ve come up with a better solution (so we believe). Many businesses can’t afford a brand new website that requires paying full whack for design and development. So we (Pivotal Web […]

The Symbiosis of SEO and CRO

For many years I have been saying to website owners: “there’s no point having a fantastic website if no one is visiting it”, and, by the same token: “there is little point spending lots of money getting visitors to your website if, when they arrive, they find it difficult to navigate or find what they […]

Turning Bad Online Reviews Into Opportunities

It can happen to anyone. A restaurant owner, solar panel installer, owner of a hair dressing company, you name it, many in the business owner community could, or is likely to already have, experienced the dreaded ‘negative public customer review’, no matter what industry or sector they work in. Given that many business owners have […]

Safety First! Why SSL Should Be Top Priority for E-Commerce Websites.

As business owners we all want our customers to feel reassured, comfortable and secure, don’t we? This is especially the case when it comes to their data and security. If clients didn’t feel safe and protected they wouldn’t continue to use your service. But how can you make your clients feel happy and secure when […]

Star Trek is here (apart from the Warp Drive)!

This was originally posted on my LinkedIn Pulse. For more posts like this connect with me on LinkedIn here or follow our LinkedIn company page!   Wouldn’t a virtual assistant come in handy? As a child I was an avid fan of Star Trek (still am truth be told), and the reason it captured my […]

Is SEO Dead? Definitely Not!

There is quite a bit of chatter on the internet that SEO is dead. You have to wonder what these people understand as being SEO. By what definition do they interpret the term SEO? If we remove the ‘SE’ bit and look at the definition of the verb ‘optimise’, this can mean several things from; […]

Google Gambles With The Rainbow

Google is a search engine that has become ingrained in our lives, so much so that it has even become a verb! Our first port of call when searching for online news, information, maps, images and videos is more often than not to ‘Google It.’ It’s speedy, handy and easy. Yet the search engine giant […]

Facebook News Feed Ranking Shake Up

Have you ever wondered what influences what appears at the top of your Facebook News Feed, or, if you run a business page on Facebook, your Page Feed? Well the answer is quite a lot! Indeed, Facebook uses a complex algorithm based on analysis of your behaviour on the social media platform to try and […]

Happy 10th Birthday Twitter!

As social media management experts we can’t believe Twitter is ten years old today! With it being a dynamic multimedia platform for businesses to use as a microphone to network and promote themselves, charities to spread their message and garner support and people to connect directly to their business role models and celebrity idols, we thought it […]

Facebook Reactions: Everything you need to know.

Facebook reactions are here! The new addition now means you can respond to someone’s status with ‘Love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’ in addition to original Like. Today Facebook explained in a blog post ‘every day, people come to Facebook to discover what’s happening in their world and around the world, and to share all […]

Pivotal Welcomes Graphic Designer Amanda Seymour

Being a small, albeit tight knit team here at Pivotal, it’s always exciting news and a big deal when we expand our team, so we’re thrilled to announce that freelance graphic designer and branding expert, Amanda Seymour (above) will be joining our team. We wouldn’t have gotten Amanda on board if she wasn’t right for the job. […]

Tweets to become Tweeeeeets?

As Twitter expands the character limit on Tweets from 140 characters to 10,000 what does this mean for the social media giant?  We all like to rant occasionally, especially on a subject that we’re passionate or knowledgeable about and some of us are just prone to waffling (I’m often guilty here!) but not many of […]

Twitter’s New ‘Moments’ Hits the UK

The moment has come for…Twitter Moments! Originally known as Project Lightning, Moments first launched as a news and tweets aggregating feature in the US back in October and made it’s debut here in the UK yesterday. Taking the form of a lightning bolt icon nestled between ‘Home’ and ‘Notifications’ tab in the top left corner […]

Meet New WordPress Version 4.4 Clifford!

Christmas came early for all us SEO and web designer geeks, when the new WordPress Version 4.4 was released earlier this month. According to a whopping 25% of all websites around the globe use WordPress and the popular blogging platform is the one we predominately run and maintain on behalf of our clients here […]

Beat the Black Friday Rush by Christmas Shopping on Our Websites

There’s no denying it. With less than a month to go until Christmas there’s not a Scrooge in sight in the Pivotal office, with Phil itching to enjoy a festive glass of gin, Karys eagerly awaiting the Christmas songs to dominate the office radio and I’m just look forward to all the seasonal parties and […]

Facebook, Social Media. Changes, Algorithms

New Facebook Page Layout Coming!

According to the guys over at Short Stack, there’s a new Facebook page layout on its way, and unlike some of the recent changes we’ve all seen, these ones are bit more noticeable. We’ve had a dig around on some of the most popular pages around including Facebook’s own business page, and it looks like […]

Google's Birthday

When Is Google’s Birthday?

The 26th? 27th? When Is Google’s Birthday? Google users across the globe will today (September 27) be seeing a new Google Doodle to mark the search giants 17th Birthday. “So, all together now… Happy Birthday to youu” But stop right there, many are saying today isn’t actually their birthday. So, when is Google’s Birthday? The […]

google logo comparison

New Google Logo

It’s all change at Google (Again)! Following their Alphabet announcement a month ago, Google has today revealed its first major branding update in 17 years -with a new Google logo unveiled. In a post on Google’s official blog, Tamar Yehoshua, VP, Product Management and Bobby Nath, Director of User Experience, revealed a trio of different […]

is guest blogging dead - a post by Pivotal Web Solutions

Is Guest Blogging Dead?

Guest blogging for many years has been an effective part of many companies SEO strategies; building exposure, branding, a strong community, and increasing a websites reach. But things took a turn back in January 2014. Matt Cutts, the head of the web spam team at Google, posted a hugely talked about blog post titled “The […]

social media tips for small businesses - a post by Pivotal Web Solutions

Top Tips: Social Media For Small Businesses

Social Media For Small Businesses According to recent research, the number one problem facing most small businesses is attracting new clients, and 61% of SMBs believe social media is helping them solve it. Social Media for small businesses is a fantastic way to generate new leads, build your brand and communicate with your customers on […]

youtube logo

Happy Birthday YouTube Infographic

YouTube Infographic Ten years ago in May, YouTube launched in beta mode. To say Happy Birthday and mark this historic milestone, we’ve put together a YouTube infographic with some amazing facts about the largest video-sharing website. Feel free to share our infographic!

spring cleaning at facebokk

Spring Cleaning Taking Place at Facebook

If you run a Facebook Page your page’s ‘like’ count is likely to be a little smaller over the coming weeks. Facebook is having a bit of a spring clean which will start with them changing the way they count the total number of ‘likes’ a Page has. Rolling out over the next few weeks […]

content is king guest blogging

Content Really is King

We’ve long been predicting 2015 to be the year of content marketing, and it seems Google is thinking the same too. Many of the recent updates to Google search algorithm take engaging and compelling content into account. Content marketing can be one of the most effective ways to generate and convert leads from your website, […]

love in the air for twitter and facebook

Love is in the air for Twitter and Google

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, it is Twitter and Google who have gone public with their new relationship. Twitter has announced it will be spending much more time with Google to make its 140-character updates more searchable online. [clear] In the first half of this year, people searching for your business on […]

digital marketing company

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

As business owners ourselves, we know all too well how valuable time is. How many times in a week do you think to yourself ‘there just aren’t enough hours in a day,’ or ‘where has today gone?!’? To run a successful business it is essential we not only keep the day to day business activities […]

google logo

Google Adwords Qualified

It’s official! Here at Pivotal Web Solutions, we are Google Adwords qualified. After successfully passing both the Adwords Fundamental and Adwords Advanced Search exams, we are now recognised by Google as having the knowledge and skills necessary for running successful Google Adwords Search campaigns. [clear] To celebrate, we will match your first months Google Advertising […]

post pin tweet

What Is The Best Time to Tweet, Post and Pin?

What is the best time to Tweet? We often get asked what time is the best time to tweet, post and pin on social media. Unfortunately, like social media strategies this isn’t a one size fits all kind of answer. The best time to post, whether to be to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or any other […]

facebook like

Six Steps To Handle Customer Complaints Through Social Media

One of the most beneficial reasons for businesses to embrace social media is to engage with, listen to, and gain new customers. It allows you to create a two way dialogue, learn about your customers and let your customers see the ‘human’ and trusting side of your business. But social media doesn’t come without its […]

small business showcase

Pivotal Web Solutions Named in The Guardian’s Marketing and PR Excellence List for 2014!

Pivotal Web Solutions have been named in the Guardian’s Marketing and PR Excellence List for 2014. Organised by The Guardian Small Business Network the Small Business Showcase rewards innovation and best practice across the small business sector. Entrants that meets the criteria will have their entry published on the Guardian Small Business Network website. The […]

twitter buy now button

Twitter Announces Buy Button

Twitter Announces Buy Button! You may have read earlier this year the rumours that Twitter were planning to launch a ‘buy now’ button for its mobile users. Well those rumours are now fact. The ‘Buy Now’ button will allow Twitter users to make purchases right from a tweet. Twitter has chosen 25 ‘beta’ partners to […]

facebook like gate

The End of the Facebook Like-Gate.

Facebook have announced that the Like boosting tactic the ‘Like-Gate’ will be breaking their T&Cs come November. The Like-Gate is a feature which can be added to certain areas of the business page. It requires a Facebook user to Like the page before they can access exclusive content such as give-aways, watch videos or enter […]

twitter logo

Twitter planning marketing research tool to highlight ‘everyday moments’

Twitter is ready to launch a new tool which allows marketers and brand owners to search for keywords and phrases that relate to their brand, customers and industry. Marketers will then be able to analyse conversations that are happening around those terms over a week-long period. Twitter describes the tool as an ‘interactive visualisation of […]

Facebook, Social Media. Changes, Algorithms

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Social Media

As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve been told numerous times that you need to be ‘on’ social media. “Get a Facebook page”, “you need to be Tweeting”, “network with me on LinkedIn”, “have you signed up to Pinterest?, Instagram?, Snapchat?, Vine?, Tumblr?” But maybe they’ve never really explained why you should be putting so […]

Own Your Domain Name

One of the most important things to remember when owning a website, is to make sure you own and control your domain name. Over the years a domain name can gain authority and in some cases become quite valuable. To the business owner their name is like gold dust. Some companies may have bought there […]

new domain names

New Domain Names Coming Soon

In 2014, the Internet will see the introduction of hundreds of new domain names, top level domain names (TLDs), which are designed to create a wide range of new opportunities for individuals and businesses to better promote their online presence. Register your interest with someone like and they will contact you when the domain […]