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Higher Ranking SEO Optimisation

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Higher ranking search engine optimisation seoThere are many aspects that contribute to whether search engines like Google favour your website higher up in search results. Having a fast web page download speed, adjusting to the screens of mobile and tablets, other websites linking back to yours and having regularly updated content on your website that contains relevant keywords that your potential customers are searching for all influence Google’s decision to rank your website higher in results.

Our SEO services basically ensure that your website visitors enjoy a positive user experience through things like having a logical site structure that search engines can understand and menus that are easy to navigate. Happy website visitors tend to make even happier customers!

How Our SEO Services Work

We kick off your business’ SEO journey by discussing your business with you and the keywords you would like to be ranked for. We supplement this with keyword research. Once we have agreed on a set of keywords with you we begin optimising your website for search engine success. Over the first three months you will see some ‘quick win’ results, then, after that, you will also see some real long-term SEO progress. You also receive a monthly report from us detailing your SEO advancement.

Our SEO Packages

Our SEO price plans are flexible and adaptable. We are happy for you to cherry-pick the elements of SEO services and our other marketing packages (such a social media management or pay-per-click advertising) that you would like and we will never tie you into a contract. Working on a pay-as-you-go basis, you can use our SEO services as part of a long-term marketing strategy or just dip into it when you like.

From your smart watch to your tellybox we will make sure your website will work well on screens of all sizes (it’s good for Google rankings too – see SEO).

We recommend for all businesses to stick with SEO for at least three months. Organic search engine optimisation takes time. If you want to see quick wins, then consider running a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign too.

If you feel none of the packages below suit you, contact us and we will design and deliver a custom SEO package.

Why Pivotal SEO?

How to rank higher

  1. We know what we’re doing

    Trust us! We’ve spent many hours researching, learning and developing our search engine optimisation tactics that provide genuine results.

  2. Monthly reports

    So you know that we’re doing what we say we’re doing… make sense? Basically, you will get a report every month to show your website rankings and analytics.

  3. More traffic, more sales

    Simple as that. We’ll also optimise your website for conversions so it’s not ’empty’ traffic but genuine leads.

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