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How Our Digital Marketing Agency Works

online digital marketingYou can have the best business in the world and a flawless website but without digital marketing, you may never make a profit. These days word-of-mouth promotion simply won’t cut it. As a digital marketing agency, we work closely with business owners like you to establish a digital brand for your business through strategic campaigns on a variety of channels from Pay-Per-Click Advertising to Social Media Management and Email Marketing.

Digital marketing isn’t so much about securing conversions and sales but more about building a strong relationship with customers and connecting with new ones. Fruitful relationships with current and future customers are essential in today’s business world. People don’t want to know what your business is but rather who it is before they invest in your services. Who are the people that make it tick and what goes on behind the scenes?

Creatively thinking outside the box, we work as an extension of your own team rather than some distant and removed digital marketing agency, with regular and personal contact with you to establish the tone and message you want your digital brand to convey and what digital marketing channels work best for you.

Each month we produce a dynamic and unique digital marketing plan so you know what content is being published to digitally represent your business in advance. The innovative online marketing strategy ensures your business’ digital presence is engaging, memorable and consistent. We also send you in-depth, yet easy to digest digital marketing reports so you can monitor your brand’s progress.

We are strong believers that a successful brand is built upon trust, inspiration, strategy and creativity. To turn your customers into brand advocates and build relationships with those that matter, let us help you shout about your business and find a voice for your brand in the right way!

Why Pivotal Web?

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  1. We are Google Qualified

    From Adwords to Analytics to Google’s very own, Squared digital marketing course, we’ve learnt, revised and practised our digital marketing techniques into the refined super-skills that they are today.

  2. Covers all aspects of digital marketing

    (and some non-digital bits too). We’re here to help you grow your business by any means – we will explore and pursue all digital marketing avenues to see what works for you.

  3. We’re available 24/7

    Well, our emails are turned on 24/7 so if you have a bright idea in the middle of the night drop us a message and we will get on it as soon as we get up!

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