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Wouldn’t a virtual assistant come in handy? As a child I was an avid fan of Star Trek (still am truth be told), and the reason it captured my imagination was not so much the warp drive and interstellar missions, but how they could communicate with each other using small hand held devices, or tapping a badge and asking a computer a detailed question. A vision of the distant future?


VIV, artifical intelligence, virtual assistant

Connected: VIV’s creators aim it to be linked to a multitude of services, instead of routinely shuffling queries off to a basic web search. Image from:


Well I suppose we’ve had the small communication device (mobile phone) for a while, and I guess asking questions to a computer has been around for a while also, with the use of Siri and others, but this virtual assistant is about to make a big leap forward, as the creators of Siri just showed off their amazing next generation AI assistant, Viv!

Hear from Viv’s creator as shown  on The Verge

It’s hard to imagine the implications of this type of technology, but make no mistake, the next 5 years are going to be a blast!