Christmas came early for all us SEO and web designer geeks, when the new WordPress Version 4.4 was released earlier this month.

According to a whopping 25% of all websites around the globe use WordPress and the popular blogging platform is the one we predominately run and maintain on behalf of our clients here at Pivotal.

With a name that pays homage to the late jazz trumpeter, Clifford Brown, the latest version of WordPress boasts numerous features that combine to help make sites more responsive and connected.



Features that have gotten us excited are:

Responsive Images- Images are able to automatically adapt their size to fit perfectly to whatever device you are accessing the page on, whether that be tablet, smartphone or PC. This is particularly handy given that Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report found that 33% of internet users deem their smartphone to be the most important device for going online compared to 30% who are staying loyal to their laptops. This marks a significant rise in the preference of smartphones as in 2014 only 22% preferred accessing the internet via this device, with 40% being pro laptop and it’s a trend that’s set to keep rocketing in 2016…


New Theme- A modern interpretation of a classic blog design, Twenty Sixteen is WordPress’ new clean and crisp default theme that promises to look chic on any device. Benefits of this theme include a flexible header, fun colour scheme options and a fluid grid design to make your blog posts stand out from the rest!


Embedding Ease- Now you have the freedom to embed your posts on other WordPress websites and it’s easy to do! Paste a URL into the post editor section and you’ll be greeted with an instant embed preview, encompassing the  title, excerpt and feature image (if you have set one) belonging to the post. Simple. Your site icon and links to enable commenting and sharing being added is a bonus!


Pivotal clients’ websites will be updated automatically and will enjoy the benefits that this great new version of WordPress has to offer.  For more information click here.