You know it, I know it, we know it. If you work in any form of online marketing (or even traditional marketing for that matter), you know that the ways of promoting a business and reaching the right people at the right time are always changing. With the rise in ubiquitous smartphones and the soaring popularity of social media, vlogging and online advertising, it can be like falling off the back of a constantly running treadmill. It’s hard to keep up!

Fortunately for all our clients, everyone here at Pivotal loves what we do. So much so that we happily read articles on the latest digital marketing industry trends; we watch helpful video tutorials to keep our fingers on the pulse; and, most importantly, we undertake regular training. Which is why we’re pleased to announce that in the past few months Karys, our WordPress and Website Developer, passed Google’s award-winning digital marketing leadership course, Squared Online with flying colours!

This prestigious 5-month course is recognised by a diverse range of world-class brands including Red Bull, Samsung, BBC and Barclays. It consisted of a fusion of weekly, one-hour, live online classes, hands-on practical learning, group work, online ‘real-world’ activities, and guest speakers.

Google Squared Online Modules & Activities

Squared Online didn’t comprise any exams. Instead, Karys was continuously assessed as she progressed through each of the 5 modules which were taught by leading industry experts at the top of their game in online business marketing. The 5 modules were:

1) Module 1

Karys learnt what the term ‘digital disruption’ means and how it has influenced the way brands and consumers interact.

2) Module 2

She then learned how current digital trends impact consumer behaviour, focusing on mobile and social media aspects of how consumers interact with brands.

3) Module 3

Next came the honing of her skills in multi-channel digital marketing, concentrating on video and exploring how paid and organic search can better position a brand to reach the right people in the multi-screen world we now live in.

4) Module 4

This module included Karys mastering data and insights in more depth and expanding her knowledge of Google Analytics, learning how to act upon this rich data to optimise online marketing campaigns for clients. She also discovered how to avoid mistakes and maintain an ethical approach to data privacy.

5) Module 5

The final module gave Karys the opportunity to stay ahead of the game. She learned all about the up-and-coming trends in the world of digital marketing and online advertising.

Practical activities included:

  • Working in groups to create a ‘disruptive’ idea for a fictional product, creating a ‘disruptive’ business pitch for the new digital product or service, and developing a digital marketing proposal for the launch of a new product to drive sales whilst building brand loyalty.
  • Completing two individual online assessments
  • Producing a Whitepaper in a group that predicts how a major digital trend will influence a particular industry.


Google AdWords Certified Too!

We’re also enjoying a double celebration here at Pivotal as our Social Media Coordinator and Copywriter, Jayna also became Google AdWord Certified a few months ago.

To become accredited, she had to undertake a general AdWords Fundamentals online exam; she then had to choose 1 other exam to take, out of a choice of 5. Jayna opted for the Mobile Advertising Exam to better equip herself to help clients, as mobile overtakes desktop in the way that consumers access brands online.

We’re hugely proud of Karys and Jayna! We reckon our current and future clients and their businesses will benefit significantly from the tips, tricks, knowledge and insights that they have gained from their Google training! 

If you’d like to benefit from our knowledge, get in touch today!